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Neodymium Kotak / Bar/ Batang 50x25x10mm Silver Super STRONG

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    Deskripsi Produk Neodymium Kotak / Bar/ Batang 50x25x10mm Silver Super STRONG

     Material:  Neodymium  Magnets

      Certification:RoHS passed

       Magnetization: Axially magnetized / Poles on Flat Ends

      Condition: Brand new

      Shape: Block

      Tolerance: +-2mm

      Dimension: 50mm*25mm*10mm 

        Neodymium (chemical symbol Nd) is element 60 on the periodic table.
        It is a rare earth metal and forms one of the Lanthanides series.
        When added to Iron (Fe) and Boron (B) (chemical formula Nd14Fe21B) the resultant magnets are the strongest       magnets currently available. Neodymium magnets are sometimes known as Neo,Neod or NIB magnets.
        Neodymium magnets are usually coated Nickel-Copper-Nickel plating to prevent the iron from rusting.
        Neodymium block magnet was made of NdFeB, have strong magnetic performances and appearance does not rust, usually placed in room temperature, the maximum operating temperature is 80 ° C ,and it never will demagnetization.


        Acoustic field: the speaker, receiver, microphone, alarm, stage audio, car audio and so on.
        Electronics: permanent magnetic actuator vacuum circuit breakers, magnetic relays, meter,sound meter, a reed switch, sensors.
        Electrical field: VCM, CD / DVD-ROM, generators, motors, servo motors, micro-motors,vibration motors.
        Machinery and equipment: magnetic separation, magnetic crane, magnetic machinery.
    Healthcare: MRI scanners, medical equipment, magnetic health products and so on.
        Other industries: magnetized Wax, pipe descaling, magnetic fixture, automatic mahjong machine,magnetic locks, doors for windows magnetic, magnetic luggage, leather magnetic toys,magnetic tools, gifts and packaging.


    1, Strong magnets should Keep away from Ironware and some easily magnetized iron products,such as monitors, bank cards, computers, televisions, mobile phones and other.
    2, Strong magnets should be stored in a dry, heated environment, and need to use of plastic,wood, cardboard, foam to separated and wrapped.
    3, Magnets might be interested in water meter ,Electric meter, gas meter and some metering equipment exist some inaccurate affect (Such as : if magnets placed near the meter, the meter will slow down)


    Please Note
        When connecting two magnetic buttons, draw them close to each other slowly and gently.
        Hard crushing would cause damage and cracks in the magnetic material.
        Magnets are made from Neo Neodymium Magnet material and have unbelievable magnetic performances.

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